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Granite, Natural and Engineered Stone Products

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Every natural or engineered stone has unique, and individul beauty.



Granite is an igneous rock formed under high temperature and pressure within the earth’s crust. The natural strength and beauty of granite make it an ideal choice for countertops. Granite is heat resistant and scratch resistant. Slabs come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit individual preferences. Visit our Granite Stone Products page
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Quartzite is a very hard metamorphic rock comprised of solid quartz. It was converted within the earth from sandstone under very high temperatures and pressures. Visit out Quartzite Products page.
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Marble is a material comprised of limestone deposits often formed in underground waterways. The smooth textures and distinct appearance make marble a popular decorative construction material. Visit our Marble Products page.
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Engineered Stone

Often referred to as quartz or manmade stone, engineered stone is produced by a variety of manufacturers both in the United States and worldwide. This material is composed of approximately 90-95% quartz, with the remainder being resins, additives, and colorants. Surfaces are non-porous and extremely durable. Available in a wide variety of colors and dimensions, engineered stone has been rapidly gaining in popularity. Visit our Engineered Stone Products page.
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